Is your conference, congregation or association looking for a speaker who will compel your audience to think, feel and, perhaps, experience a revelation or two?  Well, you've landed in the right place.  

Click to view John's closing plenary address at the NAVS national conference, "Compassion Is a Journey, Not a Destination."

"John Morlino delivers a profound message which needs to be heard. He explores the fundamental principles of humanity and challenges us to confront the most difficult questions we as people face. In doing so, he awakes our spirit of compassion and guides us toward a kinder, gentler world." - Brenda Davis, Co-Author of Becoming Vegan

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Animal Liberation


On Being Human


Gun Violence




Photo credits: John Morlino photo by Ted Barnett. "Game called" by Grantland Rice. No More Guns photo by Lorie Shaull. Darfuri women photo by Naka Nathaniel/