Never before have I witnessed an individual whose depth of genuine loving compassion is so powerful as to quietly magnetise the attention of an entire auditorium… I feel certain that whoever is fortunate enough to observe John’s work will have had their lives touched in a unique and enriching way.” [View the full text of this testimonial.] — Professor Rozalind A Gruben, West Sussex (UK)

Yours may have been the finest closing plenary speech in the thirty-year history of our conference.” — Hal Hamer, Vice President, North American Vegetarian Society

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John Morlino’s presentations provide inspirational, hope-filled approaches to life’s most pressing questions: What criteria should we use to determine whose life has value and who should be protected from harm? What principles and practices should we live by in order to create a more compassionate society?

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Examples of available presentations include:

Compassion Is a Journey, Not a Destination: This presentation builds upon four transformative moments in my life – moments when I thought I had finally “arrived” at a true understanding of compassion – to demonstrate how this concept continues to evolve and grow over the course of a lifetime.


The Essence of True Humanity Is Compassion: Albert Schweitzer believed that until we widen our circle of compassion to include all beings, we will not find peace. A profound principle — yet one that is often overlooked in forums promoting peace and nonviolence. Grounded in the teachings of Schweitzer, Gandhi and the Buddha, this session highlights a necessary ingredient of genuine peace, and offers suggestions for how to attain it — both in our personal lives and within society at large.


Putting Animal Rights Back into the Animal Rights Movement:  This presentation makes the case that advocates of Animal Liberation need to return the Movement’s founding principle — ending all forms of animal exploitation — to the forefront of their campaigns. (Clicking the link opens an audio file of this presentation.)


Guns, Denial & Insanity: No one of sound mind engages in extreme violence. It is an act born of desperation. Accordingly, if we wish to substantially improve our collective safety, we must dramatically reduce the chance of anyone reaching such a level of despair. This session argues against the purported virtues of gun ownership and offers a blueprint for creating a safer society.


Peace through Unconditional Compassion: We all want peace in the world, peace in our neighborhoods and peace in our hearts. To achieve these goals, we must expand our capacity to extend compassion and forgiveness unconditionally — even toward those who harm others. Drawing from real-life examples of people demonstrating compassion and forgiveness in the face of unspeakable tragedy, this session explores the practice of embracing the fullest principles of Ahimsa as a means of attaining genuine inner peace.


Darfur: The Genocide Nobody Really Wanted to Stop: After years in the spotlight as “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis,” the nightmare in Sudan continues. This session offers insight and analysis into the actions (and lack thereof) of those ostensibly trying to stop the violence and identifies lessons learned that could prevent future crimes against humanity.


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