Animal Liberation


John Morlino’s presentation was heartfelt and compelling. The story he related of his personal transformation conveyed a genuine empathy for all creatures and an unshakable commitment to the promotion of nonviolence and compassion. We personally think that invisible fence systems are cruel and unusual punishment tools, definitely not a safe or fair way to train your dog, these types of systems can cause burning or paint to the dog Check out Petas stance of these fence systems, while the dog fence system may stop your dogs from leaving, think about what you’re doing and the hidden dangers these may present. John’s message is accessible to everyone, from lifelong activists to people who are encountering the subject for the first time. The power and conviction of his words impart hope for a compassionate future.” – Diane Stafford Maydosz, Virginia

Named an Outstanding Humane Educator by SPEAK, a national humane education speakers bureau, John Morlino has delivered more than 150 classroom presentations to schools and colleges and has spoken on the subject of animal liberation at numerous venues, including:

* 35th World Vegetarian Congress (Edinburgh, Scotland)
* Animal Rights national conference
* Animals in Research and Education conference (Guelph, Ontario)
* Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) convention
* North American Vegetarian Society annual conference
* Peace for the New Millennium conference (Chicago)

Available presentations include:

The Essence of True Humanity Is Compassion: Albert Schweitzer believed that until we widen our circle of compassion to include all beings, we will not find peace. A profound principle — yet one that is often overlooked in forums promoting peace and nonviolence. Grounded in the teachings of Schweitzer, Gandhi and the Buddha, this session highlights a necessary ingredient of genuine peace, and offers suggestions for how to attain it — both in our personal lives and within society at large.
Putting Animal Rights Back into the Animal Rights Movement: This presentation makes the case that advocates of Animal Liberation need to return the Movement’s founding principle — ending all forms of animal exploitation — to the forefront of their campaigns. (Click the link to play audio of this presentation.)

After listening to your presentation, I’ve made significant changes to my life – not only for myself, but as an example to my children, in hopes of raising caring and compassionate human beings who will respect all forms of life. Thank you.” — Belinda Douglas, Connecticut (View other listener testimonials)

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Horse Racing’s Shame — And Ours (OtherWords, June 1, 2016)

One horse was already dead as Pramedya saddled up for the fourth undercard race of the 2016 Preakness Stakes, an annual Triple Crown race held in Baltimore. Unlike Homeboykris, who died of apparent heart failure after winning the first contest of the day, she wouldn’t even reach the finish line. (Read more)


Racing to Save My Deer Friends (, January 3, 2014)

I was halfway through my run when I saw her. Per our custom, we both stopped to gaze at each other. She was graceful, silent and beautiful. Then as quickly as she appeared, she was gone.

Moments later, I found myself at the edge of a thoroughfare, wondering whether I should cross the road and continue on the trail or double back. Since it was getting dark, I decided on the latter. That’s when I noticed the sign posted on the tree beside me. (Read more)

More Room to Die (, December 6, 2012)

Imagine that you are on Death Row, but innocent of any crime. Clinging to the hope that the legion of supporters working on your case will achieve a breakthrough before it’s too late, you prepare yourself for an update on their campaign. Yet nothing in your recurring nightmares can hold a candle to the news you are about to hear.

The messenger -speaking on behalf of a cadre of marquee advocacy groups- informs you that your closet-sized living area will be expanded by one-square foot and the quality of your food will soon be improved. He also reports that, when the time comes, care will be taken to provide you with a less painful method of execution. When you press him about efforts to secure your release, he confesses that he and his peers have adopted a more pragmatic philosophy -assigning a growing percentage of their resources to programs designed to “alleviate unnecessary suffering,” while simultaneously distancing themselves from the goal of saving lives.

The aforementioned scenario does not, in any way, represent the real-world commitment of those seeking justice for men and women who’ve been wrongly incarcerated. However it does bear a striking resemblance to the transformation that’s taken place within the mainstream animal rights movement. (Read more)


The Essence of True Humanity Is Compassion, Excerpted from a Plenary Address delivered at Ahimsa Diwas (Day of Nonviolence), New York, 2003.

Throughout our history, human beings have killed millions of our own kind in the name of power, politics, and religion. Over this same period, people have also killed billions of animals in the name of food, clothing, science, entertainment, and convenience.

As we look around the world today, we can’t help but notice that violence toward both humans and animals has become, for many people, a socially acceptable form of human behavior.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. (Read more)


No Reason (for Being Vegan), Excerpted from a speech delivered at the 35th World Vegetarian Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland, 9 July 2002.

During his 1998 Plenary speech at the North American Vegetarian Society’s Annual Conference, the noted vegan philosopher Stanley M. Sapon addressed perhaps the most important question facing the movement today: What is the most effective way of encouraging people to embrace a vegan lifestyle? For Dr. Sapon, the answer is clear.

“We have had little success in getting people to make major changes in their lives purely on the basis of ‘facts’…it takes more than ‘reason’…It takes the added power of emotion…of feeling…of compassion…Without the spark of emotion, it is almost impossible to ignite people’s passions.” (Read more)

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